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Események 2015. 04. 30 Presentation of Ms. Olga Zelinska, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

 olgaCorvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture gladly welcomes Ms. Olga Zelinska, Ph.D candidate, Graduate School for Political Research, polish Academy of Science as a guest lecturer for our Foreign Policy Proficiency Program.


2015. 03. 26 Presentation of Mr. Sasikumar Shanmugasundaram - Ph.D candidate, CEU
Dear Followers,

Corvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture gladly welcomes Mr. Sasikumar Shanmugasundaram, Ph.D candidate, CEU as a lecturer to our weekly event at Corvinus University of Budapest.
Brief overview of the presentation:
In recent years, it has become increasingly common in media and academic circles to describe the foreign policies of some states as pragmatic or based on the tenets of pragmatism. Hot Replica Watches , what the meaning of pragmatism is as used to describe the diplomacy of states in the post Cold War period era is beset with several problems. Against the tendency of eclectic uses of pragmatism, this article looks for theoretical coherence and tries to make sense of how the concept functions in a political discourse. Towards this objective, I examine claims of pragmatic foreign policy of Brazil and India in the recent ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P) discourse and examine how the concept functioned in political actions and legitimizations struggles. I argue that a pragmatic foreign policy for states such as Brazil and India enables political actors to sustain tag heuer replica uk identities so that they could legitimize multiple (and sometimes contradictory) foreign policy positions. Pragmatism in this context functions as a cultural resource where political actors draw upon it when maneuvering with multiple identities. Looking at R2P debates, I show that Brazil and India sustained three different identities: as a post-colonial subject(India) /anti-hegemonic state (Brazil), as rising powers and as member of international society. Here I show how these policymakers seamlessly maneuvered with different identity positions without slipping deeply into one. I conclude by showing panerai replica what is pragmatic about maneuvering with multiple identities is the desire of policymakers to remain agential in foreign policy practices. It is not realism by other means as conventional and popular understanding makes us believe and it is not any strife for convergence on any hidden consciousness.


2015. 03. 19 Hallgatói Program - Péczeli Anna előadása

Kedves Érdeklődők!


2014. 11. 13 Student's Program 2014/2015 - Presentation of Prof. Mary Durfee Corvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture gladly welcomes Prof. Mary Durfee, Fulbright guest professor from Michigan Technological University as the lecturer of our weekly event at Corvinus University.

The title of her presentation will be "The Problem of U.S. Power and the Solution in the Rise of China" and will be held in Room III. of the Sóház Building, Corvinus University of Budapest, 1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 15. The presentation starts at 17.40 and lasts until 19.00.

mary presentation


2014. 10. 16 Hallgatói Program 15.0 - Dr. Balogh István előadása Kedves Érdeklődők!

Október 16-án, Cartier Replica Watches folytatjuk a Hallgatói Program őszi félévét.

Heti témánk:

A NATO-csúcs értékelése magyar szemszögből

Előadónk: Dr. Balogh István, PhD., Breitling Replica Watches , Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztérium

Helyszín: Sóház III. előadó (Fővám tér 13-15.)
Időpont: csütörtök, 18.10-19.30


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